Our Team Building Day is a fully customized experience that's fun and business applicable

Recapture your team's sense of community







COVID has been rough...

your team feels disconnected

Book a day to re-energize your team,

& recapture their sense of community.

Get your team
from this...

...to this!

-  We feel isolated 

-  We feel disconnected 

-  We feel burnt-out

-  We feel disengaged

-  We feel stuck at a computer

Support Group_edited.jpg

-  We feel more like a team

-  We feel re-energized 

-  We feel engaged 

-  We feel appreciated 

-  We feel more productive 

-  We feel valued 

-  We feel like we belong 

-  We feel a sense of community

Team Building Day

Here's what to expect:


Half-Day Workshop

To discover the behavioral workstyles of your team

 Unlock everyone's strengths, communication styles and decision making preferences 


PLUS... a Team Activity

A specially selected team activity to match your team type

 Explore your team dynamics in a lightly structured, fun, relaxed environment for bonding

Pick Your Activity >
Golf car isolated on white. Clipping pat
Collage of man playing golf on white bac


PLUS... a Team Meal

Enjoy a fantastic meal together as a group

 Pull your seat up, process the day together and give everyone a sense of belonging

Fancy Night Event
Choose Your Menu >

How it works:

1. Book a consult ​

Book your 15 minute consult where we'll learn more about your

vision for the day.

2. Schedule your day

Schedule your team building

day but leave the logistics

and prep to us

3. Enjoy the moment

Build team cohesion and

improve team chemistry

while gathering in person.


Preview the insights

Get a preview of what you'll uncover throughout the day. Take our 6 minute behavioral workstyle assessment right now. 

Profile picture of Aaron Andrade and Laura Andrade

Aaron and Laura's complementary skills and experience make them the perfect facilitators for your team building day. Aaron has facilitated hundreds of successful workshops throughout his corporate and consulting career. Laura has a background in group therapy, having built a successful counseling practice where hundreds of clients utilized her techniques to experience life changing breakthroughs. Together they're a great team that's ready to take your group to the next level!




What you'll get:

Your team will feel empowered and valued

Workstyle insights will improve communication

In-person bonding will increase team chemistry

Professional facilitators create a guided experience